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Astrology Services, we offer at Jyotish Bhawan

  • Astrology consultation one to one with palmistry.
  • Remote Astrological consultation from your home with comforts via telephone, video call etc.
  • Corporate consultation on demand.
  • Horoscope Matching (very useful for marriage and business partnership).
  • Business consultation (How to use astrology in your business growth).
  • Name spelling alterations.
  • Mobile number, bank account number suggestions with numerology.
  • Love affairs consultation.
  • Marriage consultation.
  • Education Consultation.
  • Career Consultation
  • Job Consultation
  • Naming of shop, farm and new office with numerology
  • Suggesting name spelling for a newly born baby
  • Consultation on health related problems
  • Consultation on marriage related problems
  • Consultation on job related problems
  • Consultation on business related problems
  • Consultation on diseases or other health-related issues
  • Consultation on divorce issues
  • Consultation on “Mangalik” related problems (“Mangal Dosh”)

Vastu Services, we offer at Jyotish Bhawan

  • Vastu visit to clients place
  • Residential Vastu visit
  • Commercial Vastu visit
  • Industrial Vastu visit
  • Plot Selection Guidance
  • Vastu Mapping
  • Vastu of New office
  • Vastu correction of office and residence
  • Vastu Correction for faulty construction
  • Vastu for shop, factory, office, go-down, flat, house etc
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